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If you have something did not work
on the online service, you can order as additional processing of the original image and all the operations to create a scheme of embroidery, ie, optimization, compression, color count, creating the image of the scheme and embroidery .
It is advisable if you just specify the level of value that you want to spend to create image and patterns embroidery. Depending on it we will understand what tools can be used depending on your source image, we can determine whether enough is to use these tools.
What we need to know more:
  Do you need a treatment of the original image is:
  whether to cut the original image and if so, how

whether to replace the background and replace it than if you - to fill the background with one color or replace a image obtained from you

how and what you see in the main part of the picture - perhaps better to make this part of the contrast or something else

other wishes

When you create a diagram of embroidery that you want:
  use all the colors of the map or do embroidery in a tone

if the map is what is the maximum number of colors

outline what numbers are allowed;

what is the maximum size of the embroidery (in cm or crosses)

other wishes

In order to understand you as we need to know your wishes, ideas and thoughts on the original image and embroidery.


transformation of the original image into the scheme for embroidery.


Work on Phase 1 and 2 are not dependent and not executed as the dependent services.

This item is related to the fact that if you work on a stage, as a rule, are feasible, then the result of step 2 depends on the suitability of image to compress colors (especially in the cost) and the perception of the customer, to ensure that we can not, therefore, to establish a payment Embroidery scheme only if we take the results you'll love
  The processing of the original image
  Restore the quality and color (including black / white) image ...
  The minimum cost of 7 $US
Send us a message that writing about their wishes and put into the original message to image. In the subject line please indicate «ALEX FASHION - Order processing image."

Making an analysis of the original image and your wishes, and tell you how and what can be done, and at what cost. With the agreement will send you our account.

After making the agreed payment processing and send you the result. According to the results of your assessments do revision.

Order processing of the input image


  Optimization of the source image, compression, color field, creating images and patterns of embroidery
  The minimum cost of 15 $US.
  The minimum cost of 25 $US
  Creating a pattern using the maximum backstitch scheme
  The minimum cost of 25 $US


Send us a message that writing about your wishes, max settings, embroidery (size in inches or tic, max number of colors, color, and number of the canvas, etc). Just write in the message for you the max amount of the order - it is clear that at $US 25, 100 or 300 we paid work at different times with the natural differences in quality.
In the subject indicate «ALEX FASHION - custom embroidery."

Appreciate enough to be the amount you specify to get a good result. If yes, do the processing and compression of the color fields and send you the result (embroidery image). By a result of your doing evaluations improved.

Send us your assessment of the result and suggestions, or if you like image embroidery, tell us about it and make the payment to our account.
Once payment is received within 72 hours we refer you to a link for downloading embroidery scheme from our website.
  Request the creation of images and patterns of embroidery
Payment by the customer is a fact accepted by the client we have done work on this stage.

Warning to customers.

We must warn that despite the fact that we possess at the moment the best in the world in mathematics and tools for creating diagrams cross stitch several times and we rechecked our digitization of threads, each about 15 work to order the scheme turns out poor quality. The reason for this, we can not understand.
Perhaps the reason for the low quality of such works is explained here.
In the overwhelming number of cases is not accurate color thread is solved reconciliation of their colors with the colors in the description when configured system color output, ie, monitor, printer, plotter, and so on.





Order processing of the original image and the establishment of the scheme embroidery

Order payment




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Order processing of the original image and the scheme of embroidery

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