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Embroidery as a road to intellect

Despite technical progress and an opportunity to live life without having made independently any thing at all, people actively create and with pleasure buy others creations.
But many skilled workers don't think that this not just pleasant pastime or an opportunity to earn additionally. It is much bigger and this knowledge will force them to belong with great respect for own and others creativity.


Let's think:

  1. Why in spite of the fact that now it is possible to buy practically any thing, the magazines and the websites training to needlework enjoy such popularity?
  2. Why handicrafts are so appreciated?
  3. Why new types of needlework more and more enthusiasts who are diligently restoring old, forgotten are thought out every year?
This article will be devoted to this subject.

Why to the modern person to cross stitch?


Once very clever person has sounded for me a strange thought: .


«With development of scientific and technical progress of people grows dull».


The inaccuracy of this phrase was obvious to me. How it so? Everything a circle becomes to a steep slope and a steep slope, satellites fly, there were computers and the same nanotechnologies, neural network calculations and other grow wiser every day, and the person grows dull … Хм …


But this phrase was dropped by the person not just clever and clever for me - you never know, he can to me it was pleasant also everything that he will tell for me became intimate. No, this person has received, so to say, more than three higher educations. Also I have received for everyone according to the diploma with honors. Also I have visited even a postgraduate study of the best mathematical institute.


Whether he was a genius, I don't know — judging by formal characteristics (i.e. to the maximum and in various spheres), probably, was as the Mind is shown in one sphere, for example, as at Einstein in physics (and that in one of areas). And the Genius is a mentality which the Genius in any area allows to show. For example, as at Lomonosov which has made great discoveries in the different fields of science I have created some fields of science which was the famous public figure because has created the Russian university known now for the whole world, and, by the way, I wrote quite good verses. But why this person was – he, thank God, is and now.


The movement of the river under the name "Time"


So, we will return to a phrase. She, a phrase, then has started my long reflections: "Why this phrase has been sounded?". And as for the homo sapiens reflection this greatest pleasure, these reflections didn't strain me. And after considerable time I have accurately understood that the sounded thought is absolutely right. Why? Now I will explain.


Scientists sound the alarm – brain volume at the modern person gradually decreases, at each next generation he is less. Why? Because a brain is what the person has chosen as the main weapon for fight for survival. We have no such canines as at a wolf, such force as at a bear, such fast legs as at a deer, such dexterity as at a sable and even such fertility as at mice. But we have a brain which allows to survive in the most difficult conditions and to win against those who stronger and quicker. And at the ancient person forced to lead extremely intense life he actively developed.


Where later, already in ordered human civilizations, the brain was also extremely important for survival. The man was both the plowman, and the mechanic, and the plumber, and so to say the programmer as it was impossible to call customer service – and phone wasn't and the service. Also all was necessary to do to the man — I will emphasize, all and most – to set a task, to study, to try and to do as a result, and that can remake and set tasks of everything that enters the concept "life". The woman of the man had to do also much, and even it is more as on the woman lies duties more, they are more difficult and more responsible – for example, food or health in family it to you not to repair the cart – one serious mistake and someone is absent or he at least the disabled person.


But at some point, division of labor – who the potter who puts ovens, who else what began to appear. But once, for example, one thousand or even only three hundred years ago, new appeared infrequently and knowledge which gave were not strongly big if at all were because total primary education began to be given enough recently and not in all countries.


It is clear, as in the village there was some division of labor, but it was at all not such as now. Now you, in fact, carry out very narrow operation – a perfect analogy to the conveyor where one worker of 8 hours does one operation – division of labor is a method of progress and our price for him. Present that you screw 8 hours the same small screw on the same place. And tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc. everything repeats as in the movie "Groundhog Day" — or rearrangement of pieces of paper, or принос and относ plates, or filling of the same form on the computer, or analysis in fact one and too a task under which you were taught and prepared.

Embroidery scheme cross


If earlier, well we assume three hundred years ago, new there was not very much much as new linearly depends on the number of people, then the person was capable to digest this new comfortably. Also has been obliged to make it, as as we remember, there was no service of electricians, plumbers 300 years ago and so forth and there were no place to call …. By the way, and the people then there was, to put it mildly, much less as the number of mankind increases on a power function (where degree more one). For example, for the beginning of last century on the planet there were 2.8 billion, and on his termination 6.8, i.e. lines for deficiency were one many less 300 years ago. Again a joke, but you have understood — big there were turns – the deficiency he is deficiency that in Africa that 300 years ago.


And so. If before new there was a little, and the person new digested and got used, then now new appears with space speed and the accruing avalanche, and we don't understand any more as even the most important works – to us at least will learn these to use, at least the most important.


Swan — the embroidery scheme a cross or beads.


Whether than it is bad and bad in general?


It is bad. Badly the fact that the person is disaccustomed be thought of the general categories, i.e. it is system, and begins to think shablonno, and division of labor forces to get used to it. If the situation leaves a template, then the task or is solved incorrectly (or it isn't as good as it could be solved) or isn't solved in general – from here anger and rage from powerlessness, depressions, stresses and the other "pleasant" moments that will surely be splashed out in this or that form on people around. Of course, it for certain won't bring to murder, but it (slopping) is, it collects and it is multiplied because "Groundhog Day" proceeds and amplifies.


It can be sounded as "All of us go to a bottom and the speed of falling increases – we go with computers, satellites, washing machines, TVs and we designate". I.e. pieces of iron, something created by us, become complicated and improve, and we, their creators, become simpler and we degrade – we degrade as systems, difficult system, as the Homo sapiens, but not the automatic machine which operates in fact on the put unpretentious program for rearrangement of pieces of paper or a prinos - an otnos of plates, and the program everything becomes simpler because division of labor.


The modern person, as scientists joke, can live life in general without regaining consciousness. Just performing some minimum of operations set by society it is possible to seem quite successful person, in fact, without being him because in the head any own thought isn't born. Life of a plant suits someone, but the majority even if it unconsciously, tries to change something. They subconsciously understand that the Homo sapiens, but not the sample automatic machine to be more interesting, more comfortable and more favorable.


Whether there is an exit?


Yes, is – and many … aren't present, rather not many, but some use him – what earlier I didn't understand at all. Those who use, whether clever people, whether their clever parents …. They are engaged in creativity – create something special, unique, unusual, not banal.


Exit is in giving to the person what disconnects him from momentary. Not such difficult as the solution of system of the differential equations in private derivatives. And not such simple how to shift or fill a piece of paper, or a form in the computer. And something beautiful is obligatory and what will remain value for many years, and we remember that "Beauty will save the world".


Probably, many know that noblemen were engaged in art, and it was obligatory. Many, probably, read that the aristocracy wrote verses in ancient Rome and China. Read about what Samurais in Japan drew and drew very skillfully. And so on. And all this elite and not so much on a purse how many on the head though it is strongly connected – not always, but is very frequent.


Many of the people Judaic give the children to study music that in the childhood made laugh me – the boy Izya with a violin is almost classics …. But ancient and for certain they gave the people to study music not only on a habit... Now I understand it.


What does it have to do with embroidery?


But music is not an embroidery — simpler to master an embroidery and unlike music it will give practically at once effect. The embroidery gives an optimum and unique combination of motility, work of a brain, derivation, concentration, pleasant tactile feelings (that is important for motivational mechanisms), structures and works of memory and so forth. Perception of thin differences of flowers of threads and the embroidery is a training of visual perception and special work of a brain which in usual life meets seldom.


Perception of small differences in a large amount of colors forces to work a brain much more thinly and more precisely, and unlike music the visual channel of obtaining information through which the person obtains information many times more than through acoustical trains. And unlike a campaign to the psychoanalyst to whom, we will frankly speak, on us to spit, after an embroidery at us something will remain. And the best proof that the embroidery bears in itself something bigger what the embroidered crosses on the bench hammer, this general hobby for it and the fact that our grandmothers everything is universal did needlework and not only because it couldn't be bought. And by the way, in institution for young ladies cross stitching also was obligatory, and embroidered noble as you understand, not in order that having big or huge fortunes to trade in an embroidery.


And what is important – the embroidery has as doctors speak, excellent psychotherapeutic effect. Perhaps the best that is from possible on balance of expenses by received. This disconnection from everything, rest from the conveyor, immersion to the personal world, creation by the hands. Creation is possible even a masterpiece which will hang with an ulterior motive on a foreground and which will long treat you and any looking and which will remain in centuries … Well, in centuries I have bent …. Though who knows (raise a hand at whom the house grandmother's embroideries or lace are stored). If the masterpiece is embroidered, then centuries will be possible also much.






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