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Video System

It makes no sense to create a pattern of embroidery on the computer on which the video channel (video card and monitor) transmits the color, saturation and brightness is not correct. In this case, you only see a rough image of embroidery, which may be the perception of reality is not equal to embroidery.

 At the current level of technology and factory settings of the monitor and video card, this problem is not so critical, but in some cases, introduces substantial distortions that after the embroidery lead to the fact that you clearly see the result - the individual colors in the image on the screen and embroidery are different and these individual differences are summed up in an even greater contrast of the image as a whole.

This occurs (in addition to other reasons) because of not properly configured video system. If the video system components are produced in the last three years and if the factory settings have not changed much the deviations are within acceptable limits, and image distortion is not significant. Of course all these arguments are valid for the video, which is factory set.

In a professional studio setting video professionals spend using programs based on the color tables or spectra, and special equipment. Plus, in the studios use special computer equipment.


CHECKING Video System

1. Check the brightness and contrast can be approximated by the following table (# H = 0, and # S = 0). All 18 areas should be distinguishable from each other.

2. Color Depth vidiosistemy computer should be at least 16 bits (65,536 colors). It is best if you set the color depth to 32 bits (4,294,967,296 colors) - at this depth, some of the images will get its own charm.

3. Do not set the correct color reproduction as well as monitor vidioplaty also makes a significant difference between the image on the monitor and embroidery in reality. Ideal set up this part may only specialists using special equipment and software.

The transfer of the color, brightness and saturation are interdependent and not linear. The ideal setting should take into account a person's vision.

4. It is also useful for checking the frequency of regeneration of the image.

For flat TFT monitors frequency must not be below 25 Hz.

For monitors with cathode-ray tube (CRT) or CRT , this frequency should not be below 80 Hz, but in general the more the better. The upper limit is determined by the increase in image blur. If this figure is set you up to 65 Hz or lower, which sometimes occurs, you will soon feel it in his vision.

For both types of monitors if you are watching dynamic scenes (movies, games) will affect the low frequency including the "blurring" of images frame the video.

5. If you are using the input image for the embroidery machine with a digital camera or scanner, or get a print of an image using a printer or other output device and the task of correct color reproduction. In the derivation of commissioning images or profiles of these devices are configured.






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